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"The exhilaration of flying is too keen, the pleasure too great, for it to be neglected as a sport." --Orville Wright
































$16,500 cash



2002 Airborne Edge (15 hours Total tach time)

What is on the Aircraft and what accessories will come with it:

•       Powered by liquid cooled aircraft Rotax 582 engine.
•       E Type Gear Box Electric Start
•       In-Flight Dual Carburetor adjustment kit installed
•       Ceramic Coating on Exhaust
•       Intake Silencer
•       Quiet 4 Blade Brolga Prop with edge protection
•       BRS-5 Parachute installed
•       Streak Wing II with Trim Tab
•       Full Dress Option (Includes Cockpit, Spats. Softsides, ASI, Altimeter, and Hourmeter
•       Tachometer
•       EGT Gauges
•       Tweed Seat Cloth
•       Center Console for Radio or GPS
•       Magnum Smart Strobe by Kuntzleman Electronics Strobe Head
•       Training Bars, (including Training bars, steering dampener, and dual steering)
•       Red Gauntlet hand protection for Pilot
•       Installed debris screen for Prop
Extra Accessories
•       Lexicon “high boy” Windscreen with quick connect fasteners
•       iCom Navicom IC-A22  VHF Air Band Transceiver
•        Snow Skis with complete kit to attach to Trike
•       HGU-33 helmet with dual visor, (1 clear and 1 smoked lens), custom paint job, and Headphones /Mic    built-in with leather cover
•       Comtronic Dual-Com II Intercom, (two isolated radio ports with toggle switch control, 9v battery, music port and push-to-talk switch included)

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